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Speed Control of Belt Drive System by University Speed Control of Belt Drive system by Using Fuzzy Logic Based Tuned Pid Controller

Yasregdal Mola

Thesis supervisor(s)

Eskindir Anteneh ( PhD )

This thesis presents the mathematical modeling of the electrical belt drive plant using shunt
wound DC motor as a prime mover and applying fuzzy logic based tuned proportionalintegral-derivative controller for speed supervise of the belt drive system. It also includes
comparison of PID, fuzzy logic and fuzzy logic based PID controller. For mathematical
modeling the belt drive system the electrical, mechanical and load sections were separately
modeled and then combine to get one composite system. The Proportional-IntegralDerivative controller cannot produce an effective performance when there is disturbances
and non-linearity of the plant since this controller contain constant parameters that cannot
be updated when the system parameter is changed. These controller limitations can be
minimized by applying more robust controller called as Fuzzy logic control strategy to
increase the performance of the overall system. The fuzzy logic controller by itself contain
limitations since this controller prepares its rule based on nearest approximation. This
approximation creates some percentage of error. So, combining the two controllers to
increase performance for the system. The fuzzy logic system contains two inputs such as
speed error and rate of change in speed error, and the proportional, integral and derivative
gains are considered as an output of the fuzzy controller. The simulation and control of the
electrical belt drive system was done using the MATLAB/Simulink software. The
MATLAB simulation result shows that the operating speed of the plant are satisfactory
with 0.505% overshoot, no steady state error, the rise-time of 0.012sec and the settling time
of 0.0126sec. This indicates the designed fuzzy logic based proportional-integralderivative controller can efficiently and effectively control the electrical belt drive system.

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