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Construction Material Management Practices and Its impact on Project Delivery: The Case of Public Building Projects in Addis Ababa (Develop Pertinent Software)

Ermias Birke

Thesis supervisor(s)

Mesay Daniel (PhD)

Construction material management is an essential factor that adversely affecting the
performance of construction projects. This study was conducted with an objective of
identifying construction material management practice and its effect on project delivery
for public building projects in Addis Ababa. Based on the responsibility of managing
construction materials, contractors were targeted as a study population. The study has
targeted 40 contractors that are involved in public building projects those are currently
under construction and used census as a sampling method. Intended data was collected
through structured questionnaire and 38 questionnaires were responded and analyzed
through both descriptive and explanatory methods by using a statistical software called
SPSS 23. The study has identified the contractors are using three types of material
management process i.e. the material is supplied based on the schedule on Bill of
material, use warehouse to store the materials and search supplier for the materials
when demanded. Among the three process types, type 1 is better in making the
companies better performers in cost. In most of the projects multiple supplier is used
for single material. Problems in material identification, planning, vendor selection,
procurement and construction phase are root causes for ineffective material
management. Construction project material management process type significantly
affects the existence of cost overrun on the projects but does not affect the level of cost
overrun. On the other hand, Construction material management process types do not
affect the project time. Problems of material identification, planning, vendor selection,
procurement and construction phase highly affect the cost overrun and time delay of
the projects but effect of the vendor selection problems is lowest when compared to
other problem categories. Majority of Contractors in public building projects in Addis
Ababa are not using software to manage construction materials. To support
construction material management, this study has developed pertinent software. The
contractors are recommended to improve their construction material management
practices and solve their material management problems by using the software.

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