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Provenance & Paleoenvironment study of Debre Libanose sandstone in Lemi within Abay Basin Ethiopian

Tizita Geresu

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  "DOI": "10.20372/nadre/20938", 
  "abstract": "<p>This thesis investigates provenance and paleoenvironment based on petrography, facies<br>\nand Paleocurrent analysis of Debre Libanose Sandstone in Lemi within Abay Basin,<br>\nEthiopia. Detail stratigraphic logging, facies and paleocurrent analysis in the field,<br>\nlaboratory petrographic analysis was done on 20 sandstone samples and heavy mineral<br>\nanalysis on 10 sandstone samples. Six bed by bed lithostratigraphic sections were<br>\nlogged in the field. Based on facies analysis result eight lithofacies are recognized, these<br>\nare Conglomerate facies (Gms), Massive sandstone facies (Sm), Horizontally bedded<br>\nsandstone facies (Sh), Horizontally laminated sandstone facies (Slh), Planar cross-<br>\nbedded sandstone facies (Sp), Trough cross-bedded sandstone facies (St), Normally<br>\ngraded sandstone facies (Sng) and Mudstone facies (Md). The study identified three<br>\nfacies assemblages from the field study these are conglomerate, sandstone and fine-<br>\ngrained deposits. The quantitative analysis using Markov chain analysis conducted on<br>\nthe logged section revealed the genetic relationship between facies. Based on<br>\npaleocurrent analysis and facies assemblages the depositional environment is<br>\nreconstructed as braided river sedimentation. But the upper part of the studied section<br>\nexhibited meandering river sedimentation. Petrographic and modal composition of<br>\nsandstone classification displayed mostly quartz arenite with few subarkosic and<br>\nsublithic arenite. Modal composition of sandstone revealed that the provenances are<br>\ncraton interior, recycled orogeny and continental block provenance. From Qt-F-L<br>\ntectonic setting plot all samples fall outside of the tectonic sett ing field as a result of<br>\nintense weathering. Heavy mineral analysis indicates that the source rock is not<br>\nproximity and they have passed high resistant of weathering processes. The diversity<br>\nof these minerals indicates multiple source rocks.</p>", 
  "author": [
      "family": "Tizita Geresu"
  "id": "20938", 
  "issued": {
    "date-parts": [
  "language": "eng", 
  "title": "Provenance & Paleoenvironment  study of  Debre Libanose sandstone in Lemi within Abay Basin Ethiopian", 
  "type": "thesis"
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