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The Effect of Equipment maintenance service Quality on internal customer satisfaction : A case Ethiopian Roads authority

Kefelegne Nega

Thesis supervisor(s)

Essayas Taye ( PhD )

This study is set out to examine the Effect of service quality on customer satisfaction in Ethiopian road authority central garage. Quantitative means of data collection method is employed to collect the data through questionnaire. Stratified sampling technique is used to select the sample size and samples of 243 internal customers are taken to undertake the study. For the purpose of the study primary data were collected by using Likert scale based questionnaire. And the data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and using statistical tools such as mean, correlation, and regression analysis with SPSS version 20. Correlation and multiple regressions were used to investigate the relationship between dependent and independent variables. The results of this study indicate that, all the service quality dimensions (tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, empathy and assurance) have positive and significant relationship with customer satisfaction in Ethiopian road authority central garage. The correlation results indicate the highest and strong relationship is found between Responsiveness and customer satisfaction and the least but positive relationship between Assurancethat is a positive correlation between the dimensions of service quality and customer satisfaction. The results of the regression test showed that offering quality service have positive effect on overall customer satisfaction. The finding of the analysis showed that, the performance of CEMAD in providing quality service is not in a position to meet the expectation of the customer. Low service quality leads low customer satisfaction. Based on this, in order to improve performance of the CEMAD, the researcher suggested that, the service deliverer has not supported by modern equipment enough man power; The CEMAD employees delivering the services are not neat, disciplined, and professional in their appearance. Therefore the CEMAD should exert its maximum effort to change this result and should work on all the service quality dimensions to improve and maintain its customer satisfaction.

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