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The Behavior of Slurry infiltrated fibrous Concrete with waste marble Dust As Filler

Dawit Beza

Thesis supervisor(s)

Bahiru Bewket (PhD)

In our construction industry, the use of conventional construction material and conventional construction
technologies makes construction expensive and hazardous to the environment that the use of alternative
construction material and construction technologies in our construction industry is very important so in
this study the behavior of SIFCON with waste marble dust as filler are studied and slurry infiltrated
fibrous concrete is special type of steel fiber concrete (SFC) with a high volume fraction of fiber. It
possesses high ductility and high mechanical properties with special application of SIFCON lamination
for structural member of buildings and It improves the strength of concrete structural members up to 25%
for normal concrete and up to 40% for fibrous reinforced concretes and used for remedial works for
weaken concrete structural members of buildings and this type of concrete uses a matrix consisting of
very fine particles or filler to enhance its fibrous interlock properties. The purpose of this paper is to study
the possibility of using marble waste powder as fine fillers in slurry infiltrated fibrous concrete
production. From previous studies the use of marble waste powder filler for concrete production
improves property of flowable concrete up to a certain limit so that for this purpose four different serious
of concrete were prepared by adding different dosage of WMP (0%,10%,20%,30%, 40%) by weight of
cement .To study the performance of SIFCON , a total of eighteen samples were prepared with the
addition of waste marble powder with different additional range (0%,10%,20%,30%, 40% ) . For each
replacement, C-30 were prepared the testes were on the mechanical properties of SIFCON that is
compressive, tensile and flexural strength of the concrete and UPV test are conducted to check the
porosity of the samples. The results indicate that the amount of ingredient (cement, sand) is reduced up to
10 % because the fresh volume can be increased up to 15 % and final SEM are conducted to observe the
microstructure of the samples. the use of waste marble powder in SIFCON as fine filler improves the
consistency and workability up to 30% usage so that from previous literatures that is because the
lubricating power of very fine limestone particle and also compressive ,tensile and flexural strength
shows progress up 30% usage and the optimum usage is 30% more than this percentage it is observed
that reduction in workability and also in compressive, tensile and flexural strength of SIFCON.

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