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The Level of Building color Harmonization prospect in Addis Ababa The case of Bole Boulevard

Zereyakob Getachew

Thesis supervisor(s)

Daniel Libero ( PhD )

The current color selection and application of buildings in Addis Ababa is causing a significant
disorder in harmony of the city. Research has shown that cities are identified and labeled by
their attractiveness through harmony of its buildings and colors. This study aims to investigate
the visual effects and characteristics of existing building color selection and application on the
city boulevards and to examine user’s visual satisfaction on the current color harmony of the
city. Based on the review of the literature on city color harmony color selection and application,
an online survey was distributed to architects ,which are a part of the society practicing design
and construction across the city of Addis Ababa, and asked to respond to set of questions on
the concerning matter of color harmony. And a natural color system (NCS) analysis was also
applied to determine the level of harmony found on the current statues of Bole Boulevard.
Analysis of the response demonstrate that the existing condition of the city regarding to color
design is poor and the task of color design is not well known and practiced with in the architect
community. The result of the study indicated that the color selection and application of
buildings design have an impact on the harmonization of the city and viewers satisfaction to
ward city aesthetic. On this basis, it is recommended that architects must practice color design
as a key factors in harmonizing and beautifying the city also further research is needed to
identify other factors that could strengthen the effectiveness of the matter.

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