Thesis Open Access

Study The Effect of Water ions on Mechanical Properties of Concrete

Anteneh Mitiku

Thesis supervisor(s)

Abrham Gebre,( PhD)

The ever growth of the country consumes huge amount of construction materials from which
concrete took the great share. Concrete is a composite material and it is composed of cement,
aggregates, water and sometimes admixture used to make concrete. These ingredient materials
are collected from different sources and needs to know the properties of materials before
mixing together. Water is one of the most important ingredients in concrete and has less
attention in the construction industry. Potable water is scarce and most of the construction
sector need huge amount of water beyond the capacity of the municipality water supply. Water
is used for mixing of concrete and has lots of chemical impurities like cations and anions. In
this study, chemical analysis of different water sources conducted and sensitivity analysis on
compressive strength was evaluated. The test cube samples were prepared as per the BS.1881,
1983 standard with 150×150×150 mm and as per the ASTM C 78 standard. The beams were
prepared with 100×100 mm in cross-sectional dimension and has a length of 500mm. The
beams are simply supported at 450mm and tested for center point loading. All tests are
conducted using a universal testing machine. The result shows that in OPC cement yielded
lower strength in KM and DM Whereas in PPC cement lower strength recorded in KDa, KDe,
KM, ADa, ADe, TDa, TDe, TM, and DDe as compared to control mix and the standard set by
codes. This may be due to the effect of ions present in water. The sensitivity analysis shows
that chloride and sulphate in OPC has inverse relationship with compressive strength besides
magnesium and potassium have a direct relationship with compressive strength. Similarly,
chloride in PPC has a direct relationship with compressive strength and all the remaining
parameters have inverse relationship with compressive strength.

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