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Stabilization of Expansive soil Using Rubber Tire & Ordinary Portland Cement

Abayneh Haile

Thesis supervisor(s)

Eleyas Assefa (Ph.D.)

The losses due to extensive damage to structures founded on expansive soils are
estimated to be in billions of dollars all over the world. These soils pose the greatest
hazard in regions with pronounced wet and dry seasons. Due to its undesirable volume
change behavior, expansive soil causes great distress and severe damages to the overlying
structures built on it.
The geotechnical behavior of expansive clay soils is investigated by looking into the
visual, experimental and climatic conditions of the soils in the study area. One site,
representative of known problem-areas in Addis Ababa Nifas silk polytechnic college
was randomly selected at a depth of 1.2m test pit for geotechnical tests and both disturbed
and undisturbed soil samples was investigated using American Society for Testing and
Materials and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
standards. The additives which were used in this thesis were rubber tire chips and
ordinary Portland cement. The rubber tire chips sample was prepared by grinding with
help of grinding machine to made it very small chips. Geotechnical laboratory
experiments consisted of Atterberg limits, classification according to American
Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, modified compaction test,
California Bearing Ratio, free swell and swelling pressure were done at 7%, 12%, 17%,
20% and 25% with constant amount of 3% of cement.
The results of this investigation indicate that soils in Nifas silk college have high liquid
limit (82%) and plastic limit (41%) which indicate high potential swell. The free swell is
90% and the swell pressure was 87.5 kpa and reduced to 23.7 kpa at 17% of rubber tire
chips and improved by 73.14 % from the expansive soil and also California Bearing
Ratio values of expansive soil was 1% and this increased to 5.1% when mixed with
3%ordinary Portland cement as constant and rubber tire chips at 17%.This thesis presents
the effect of rubber on the performance of expansive soil

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