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Shading Envelop of Public Open Sapces for Microclimatic The Case of Meskel Sqaure

Eden Assefa

Thesis supervisor(s)

Daniel Libero ( PhD )

Public spaces to be functional and be usable for the public users it needs to be comfortable
especially in being thermally comfortable within the space. The study of microclimatic
characteristics of a certain area is essential in creating a user friendly environment for the
users. The same lack of focus is noticed on the case area of this study Meskel square which is
located in the City of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In relation with the microclimatic characteristics
of Meskel square area, the main problem identified in this research is the lack of shade on the
site for better usability. As the square is located in a warm and temperate climate and with its
spatial arrangement, the exposure to harsh sun is high throughout the year. The only difference
is the solar intensity level in the four seasons experienced, which are Kiremt or Meher
(summer)–with heavy rain falls, Tseday (spring), Bega (winter)–with dry season and Belg
(autumn)–with occasional showers and is the hottest time of the year. Therefore in this study
the climatic element that affect the microclimatic comfort of Meskel square like temperature,
wind and humidity were analyzed and discussed by using different tools like Auto desk Revit
architecture, ECOTECT and solar radiation analysis tool. So, based on the finding from these
simulations, it was clear to see that the square is not thermally comfortable with its exposure
to sun throughout the days and that most regular activities on the square such as exercising,
sitting and public gatherings are highly affected by it. Therefore the study finding shows that
it is essential to provide a shading envelop to create thermally comfortable space for users. At
the end of the study, it is recommended that shading envelop that responds to the microclimatic
behavior of the site is essential, therefore design options were introduced to improve the
comfort level of Meskel square.

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