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UWB Antenna Design for wi-fi, wiMAX & 5 G Networks

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Muluneh Mekonnen ( Ph D )

In this thesis, Ultra Wide Band (UWB) antenna design with a large bandwidth and small
size for Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 5G Networks is presented. The proposed antenna operates
at four different frequency bands from 2 GHz to 22 GHz for different applications with a
fractional bandwidth (FBW) of greater than 150%. The antenna is very compact with a
size of 18:25x15:2mm2 and designed using FR-4 dielectric substrate material having permittivity of 4.4 and height of 1.6mm. The proposed feeding scheme in this antenna design
is coplanar wave guide and a transmission line model of analysis has been implemented,
and simulated using CST software tools. The radiator patch of the antenna has an elliptical
structure with a circular slot on the patch. In addition to this, a bending ground structure
with two small rectangular slots is designed to achieve the desirable UWB properties. The
radiation pattern of the antenna is nearly omnidirectional that radiates in all directions in
a given plane with a constant gain at the specified frequency range. The performance of
the antenna is shown using various parameters, such as voltage standing wave ratio, gain,
return loss, directivity and radiation patterns.

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